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In May, we give tribute to two very important groups of people- our Mothers and our Veterans. We plan on taking time to celebrate both of these groups with special activities in May so please inquire about our events.

On the subject of mothers, often times we are asked about gift ideas for our residents. While we can’t tell you for certain what a mother may want, we do have some ideas as to what we know they would appreciate.

As you know by the time our mothers or grandmothers have reached their senior years, they’ve accumulated plenty of store-bought items: clothing, shoes, jewelry, linens, and household items—the list is endless. This Mother’s Day we have some ideas, instead of buying yet another robe or pair of slippers for mom or grandmother, consider enlisting the kids and grandkids in something small but heartfelt just for her.

Put together a “10 Things I Love About You” book: This project requires card stock, a binder ring or slender ribbon and a hole punch. Cut the pages and card stock into 2-inches-by-3.5-inches pieces (about the size of business cards) and punch a hole in the top left corner of each page. Number your blank cards 1 through 10 and write a different reason why you love mom on each of them. Loop your cards onto the binder ring.

Arrange a bouquet with photo flowers: Cut family photos (like school pictures) into round shapes to be the center of each flower. Cut simple flower shapes out of different-colored construction paper. Glue photos to the center of the paper flowers
Sew simple Mother’s Day sachets: Fold a square of fabric into quarters, stitch it around the edges (leaving one corner open), and fill it with dried lavender or other sweet-smelling herbs, and sew it up.

Assemble a vacation memory jar: Get an antique glass jar (or an acrylic jar that’s less likely to break), and embellish the jar opening with twine or ribbon, and then fill it with pictures and mementoes from a family vacation or event—like a wedding, reunion, or party.

Of course the best gift for any mom or grandmother, is a visit from family members on Mothers day.

Please join us for the Mother’s Weekend Fashion show on Saturday at 10am or the Sunday champagne Brunch 10am-2pm!!

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