We’d love to go on about all the ways Cedar Creek Senior Living can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.
As needs change, so does the level of attention
I toured every retirement community in Fresno, Clovis and Madera. Cedar Creek was the best value by far. I like the continuity of care. As needs change, so does the level of attention. My dad was well cared for in his final days and throughout the progression of his illness he never had to move. Mom was able to be close to him without the responsibility of being his caregiver. She now has the support of friends and staff.
I Am So Grateful
I am so grateful that a community of this caliber is right here in Madera.
I fell in love
When I saw Cedar Creek on Westberry Boulevard….I fell in Love!
I can get my hair and nails done in the salon, see a podiatrist, have communion and church services without leaving the neighborhood. There are plenty of activities and the desserts are awesome!
Kind employees
Just wanted to say thanks so much for making us feel welcome at Cedar Creek. Also please thank your employees for their kindness. We are looking forward to our new home.
Barry and Pat
Live it up!
I can live it up or just do crossword puzzles all day!
Great people, nice staff…it’s home
I’ve lived here 7 years. It’s beautiful, great people, nice staff…it’s home.
Improved our quality of life
Moving to Cedar Creek has improved my Mom’s quality of life by 100% and MY life by 1000%. I love Cedar Creek.
Jeff, Mary’s happy son
Just Another Ho-Hum Day at Cedar Creek

It was a chore to get out of that warm and cozy bed to get a banana and a cup of coffee to sustain my body and trod to the main building, hike up that beautiful stair case to the salon for my weekly shampoo and set. When that mission was successfully accomplished next on the agenda was a quick stop by the library to shelf books, straighten the newspapers and get rid of half eaten cookies and partially filled cups of cold coffee. Then on to my bungalow just in time to see that very efficient house keeper leaving a sparkling and clean smelling home. It was now time to get dressed and prepare for an exciting lunch adventure at the Vineyard. This proved to be a great trip with many fantastic people, great conversations, gourmet food and a very relaxing luncheon with very comfortable transportation provided by the Cedar Creek van and the very able chauffer.

One would think that would enough excitement for this senior citizen but more was to come. The movie JOY being shown and overstuffed chairs were neatly placed in our now mini theatre. Bags of hot popcorn were waiting in the chairs for nibbling on while relaxing in this quiet environment. About half way through the movie two very lovely ladies quietly appeared with wine and cheese for us to also enjoy. It would appear that this fun filled day should come to an end. Cedar Creek continued to provide more!

After checking the Cedar Creek Dining Room Menu I became aware that Breaded Shrimp was on the Friday menu. I was immediately convinced that my day was not ending. Off I went to the elegant dining room and seated myself at a table with a group of friends. The waitress took one look at me and said would you like five shrimp and a small garden salad with blue cheese dressing? My reputation for enjoying sea food was following me. Almost immediately this delicious meal was placed before me. I enjoyed every bite!

A Black Cow was also on the menu. I ordered a White Cow, better known in some circles as a Root Beer Float, to go. My evening was then spent in my recliner, watching television and sipping on my delicious White Cow.


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