Reasons Why Seniors Are Affected by COVID-19 & Other Communicable Diseases

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By now we all know how vicious COVID-19 has turned out to be especially for people with the age of over 60 years. Since the virus directly aims at the respiratory organs and trigger an acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, it has become essential for people to know why it is a danger for the elderly people and that if we can do something to prevent seniors from this. As of June 2020, the CDC reported 80% of deaths in the US that had all the seniors in the range. Talking about other communicable diseases, we all know how delicate your life gets, once you are old. Likewise, in old age, you are more prone to the risk of catching communicable diseases such as flu, influenza, or any other.

In case you are wondering how aging and other underlying conditions made their contribution to hospitalizations and death during the COVID-19 outbreak then, this is something that even scientists are clambering to know. However, with the ongoing research, scientists have reached three crucial deciding factors that are as follows:

  1. hyper-activation of the immune system resulting in cytokine storms
  2. the overall decline of the immune system as we age
  3. pre-existing chronic conditions

Though no proof specifies the definite reason why seniors are highly affected by the disease, there are just some scrambling factors that keep our assumptions balanced. Since everybody is sharing their own experience and story related to the pandemic, one thing that has come up very clearly is the signs of breathlessness. Old-aged people already suffer from chronic conditions and once they turn out to be positive, this virus is more likely to hit their inner gut at first and their physical health later. If your loved one has been residing in a senior assisted living in Madera CA and has been tested positive recently, the smartest decision is to care for them over phone, while maintaining the idea of social distancing.

What Are the Symptoms?

According to the WHO-China joint commission report, the trademark signs of COVID-19 combines fever by 88%, dry cough by 68%, fatigue by 38%, sputum production by 33%, and shortness of breath by 19%. However, in people over the age of 65 years, COVID has hardly shown any recurring signs rather, hitting straight away on the respiratory system. Initially, when it all started, the virus had shown multiple signs, giving the patient an idea of getting attacked however, with the extreme cases rising on and months being passed, no definite symptoms can be seen now. Calling it and giving this condition the name of asymptomatic situation, people can only stay away and manage to be isolated till the time they are completely fine.

The assisted living facility Madera CA tells how asymptomatic situations didn’t just occur in teenagers or, adults but, even seniors. However, the tests are being conducted by only the people who are experiencing signs of it. Therefore, with the growing possibilities of asymptomatic virus conditions, it is necessary to get yourself tested so, proper measures can be taken from the beginning.