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My dad came from a big family. The holidays had a steady stream of aunts, uncles and cousins through our house. Mom would decorate, cook and clean to impress her in-laws which was a lot of work. When summer break arrived, family tradition was to rent a quiet little cabin near the San Joaquin River so that Mom could relax with the sounds of nature. She called it “recharging her batteries.”

Mom no longer entertains since Dad passed away. Family members take turns driving her to the many family functions. Last time I saw her, Mom looked exhausted. I noticed her small frame had become smaller and her steps less steady. I think it is time to find her a new place to “recharge her batteries”, somewhere that will take care of her like she has taken care of us for so many years.

Cedar Creek is built on four acres of landscaped gardens, pathways, green lawn and mature trees. Mom can sit in the rose garden and rest her eyes on both redwoods and palm trees. She recharges her batteries in the beauty of nature and with the laughter and conversation of friends and neighbors.

If an older parent needs daily assistance- maybe they are not independent anymore, consider Cedar Creek. We are the trusted local senior care provider specializing in assisted living and memory care. We listen to your needs and show you solutions to the challenges facing your family. Together, we will walk you through how customized care, nutrition and activities provided by our staff nurture a joyful life.

Come in for your and lunch with your parent to experience the warmth of a new home and new friends that feel like old friends.

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